Osho, I Love You No More.


He was my hero. Osho, the man who showed the way by conceiving life in simple terms; a little dance, a little music, a little playfulness, a little laughter and a little love. His ideas on individualism, life, reality as being of a single divine essence, sexual liberation, religion appealed to millions of people.

Traces of Freud, Gurdjieff, Nietzsche & Lawrence in his teachings made him more appealing. The core of it stressed on the idea of every individual thinking of himself/herself and living free!

So yes, I was in awe of him. Completely in love until recently when I read his views on same sex relationships. And now I am left hurt and cheated.

According to the man who taught us to follow fearlessly all that comes from within, says;

“Homosexuality has arisen because we have deprived people of heterosexuality.

Homosexuality was born as a religious phenomenon in the monasteries because we forced monks to live together in one place and nuns to live in one place, and we separated them by great walls. Homosexuality is bound to happen. It happens only in monasteries and in the army, because these are the two places where we don’t allow men and women to mix. Or it happens in boys’ and girls’ hostels; there also we don’t allow them to mix. The whole phenomenon of homosexuality is a by-product of this whole stupid upbringing. Homosexuality will disappear from the world the day we allow men and women to meet naturally.” [Osho.com]

Homosexuality a social disease!!!

You see for me there had been no other like him. Here was a man who understood the value of playfulness and wit. But pray tell me, wasn’t he the one preaching about breaking one’s conditionings and moving beyond them? Wasn’t he the one who asked us to look at sex as a natural phenomenon, a fun thing to happen and not as a means for procreation? Then why attach so much significance and seriousness to the sexuality of homosexuals? Why deprive us of this beautiful experience by calling it a disease?

He believed that two women in a relationship can’t have a very great love affair. It will remain on plain ground; deprived of heights and depths. People who are afraid of heights and depths will find it very comfortable, convenient. Hence the homosexuals are called “gay.”

They look gay; they look happier than heterosexuals. It is bound to be so, because two women can understand each other far better than a man and a woman. Two men can understand each other far better because they are of the same type, but the spark will be missing. Yes, certain gayness will be there, but not great poetry, not great romance — mild. It will not have adventure, surprises: rather safe, secure, more understanding, less conflict, less nagging.

And here I am shaking my head in disbelief. Desperate to prove him wrong. Really are these two really the same guy?

My experience tells me that it is full of moons and white lilies of a sunny morning. It is poetic, vibrant, romantic, deep, playful, breezy and crazy. It isn’t a relationship between me and my girlfriend but my way of relating to love. This is my playfulness. And God it feels so right!

To accept myself as gay has been the greatest transformation to have happened to me. And like me, to many. So my dearest Osho, our love affair now ends.

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4 thoughts on “Osho, I Love You No More.

  1. Dear friend,

    You can find his quotes where he says that heterosexuality will also disappear; it doesn’t mean that hetero or homo sex will disappear. Uber human doesn’t have any race, orientation, nation and etc. He also says that people in a relationships know nothing about love and that their love is ugly. What a statement! Shocking things he says helps us not to identify with any labels because all in all we are Emptiness, everything else is our creation 🙂

    1. Well said. He’s not labeling it he’s true. However he’s pointing out from where it arose. The repressed nature.

  2. Man I was watching some random osho videos and that definitely destroyed any appreciation I had towards this guy
    I am heterosexual myself but regardless, that is stupidity and ignorance

  3. I felt sick listening to him talk about homosexuality. It was coming from a place of hate, destruction, not from a place of love. I am not gay, but I was putting myself on the place of the people who are. He was sounding like a nazi/dictator or something. It was so sad and horrible to listen to that.

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