People Behind the Zine Issue 05:

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You can buy this pure awesomeness of 156 pages for INR 400 at Instamojo.

[Preview of The Gaysi Zine Edition 5]


People Behind the Zine Issue 05:

Editor: Priya Gangwani

Curated By: Karishma Dorai, Priya Gangwani

Design & Cover Page: Karishma Dorai

Marketing: Anuja Parikh, Sakshi Juneja

Anuja Parikh is a south Bombay snob who loves dogs, cats (and few people) the most in this world. She is a fantasy fanatic bitten by a travel bug, and feels the need to leave the city and her Gaysi team every chance she gets. If she could, she’d live under water.

Karishma Dorai is a communication designer and illustrator from Bangalore, and currently residing in Singapore. She explores intersections of the written word, visual metaphors and real-world complexities through design, typography, and illustration. She also designs The Gaysi Zine end-to-end from time-to-time and curates and makes visual content for Gaysi.

Priya Gangwani is the editor at Gaysi, a melting pot of everything Queer. She loves stories and believes in their power to create magic. She finds her inspiration in books, traveling, music, her fierce female friendships and the incredible people she has met through Gaysi.

Sakshi Juneja is a writer and the founder of Gaysi Family. She likes living large, and on the edge. She lives in a bubble of joy, with occasional lapses into drama queendom. She aspires to build Gaysi into the voice of the queer community in India.

Indu Jain is an Assistant Professor of English Literature at the Department of English, JDMC, Delhi University. She is a Doctoral Candidate at the School of Arts and Aesthetics, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi (India). She is particularly interested in probing the lacuna in the ‘space’ ‘representation’, and ‘method of documentation’ of the presence of women in the Indian theatre. Her particular investment is to examine the contemporary women’s theatre in India in its historical, social and cultural context.

Ms. Indu Jain is an honorary guest editor (proof reader) for some of the text pieces in the latest issue of our magazine (The Gaysi Zine , 05).


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Now 30, 100% shudh desi lesbian. Likes living large, and on the edge. Dislikes stagnation, fence sitting and hypocrites. Lives in a bubble of joy, with occasional lapses into drama queendom. Currently nursing a massive crush on actress Chitrangada Singh (kind of eerie, her resemblance to the late Smita Patil, don’t you think?). Aspires to build a fully functional support system for the Gaysi community in India. And most importantly, top the 'Hottest eligible desi-lezzie' list one bright sunny day.

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