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There’s Someone New in my life. Someone, who helped make today a pretty perfect Sunday. Someone who made having to work on a Sunday less painful by promising to cook specially for me, to take me for a movie, and then, if I felt like it, offered the promise of More.

Someone who dimmed the lights, so that when I came back, my mirrored curtains shone in a soft yellow glow. Who spent the day gathering ingredients and putting them together to create a meal that made the entire house smell divine. Someone who had the table set; the chair, placed just so. Who popped the wine bottle and kept it ready, with two chilled glasses, while I showered. Someone who didn’t take calls while we ate together. Who talked and laughed and listened.

Then, meal done, took me for a film. Discussed it; before, during and after. And then, as promised, when I asked for More, took me on a drive. So I could take in the sights and smells of Mumbai at night. The city silent, yet throbbing with energy. Swirling lights and sluggish breeze. And understood why I was silent, awed.

The perfect date.


Perfect, except for the fact that the Someone New is not male (and that is the way I swing). SN is the new flatmate. But going by experiences of the past fortnight, interesting/fun times lie ahead.

I’ve never lived in a hostel and shared a room with another woman. My friends have mostly been male. My last attempt at sharing a flat with members of the female sex was aborted before we even found a flat. Now, I’m living with someone who I’d met only once, for 20 minutes, before we decided to take the plunge.

Like I said, interesting times ahead.

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