Photo Essay: Home Alone

Troye Sivan’s music is not the only thing that gratifies the boy; he finds his sense of style intriguing, too. He, who finally takes a breather and take some time out for himself, decides to utilize the hiatus to broaden his horizon. Taking inspiration from the singer, he starts putting on fancy dress. His new dress up galvanizes him into pursuing this new hunch. The new persona starts growing on him, and to add to this new found facet, his journey of experimenting with makeup begins. He starts playing around with makeup. Days of self-experimentation go by and his fondness for the new style grows. He has now begun trying on new outfits and accentuates the look with makeup. He thinks of dress up and make-up as a means to beautify himself, and not as a threat to his masculinity.

Photographer: @mohitkrtiwari Model: @kyle.hiramaneck Make-up Artist: @hershey_is_here Styling and Art Direction: @kukbharat

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