Photo Essay: One Fine Day

Each person that we depart from, somehow become part of our lives. He saw life like a lemon, even if you are not using the seeds, they will end up being part of your lemonade, at times. People come and go, but they leave imprints which make us, the way we are. He was somewhat lost, and he wanted to feel Naman’s touch for the last time, before it all became a thing of the past. Before meeting was to become met, before ‘he is my life’ was to become ‘Can we not talk about him?’

It was a Sunday afternoon in Delhi, and the sun blazed hot with warm winds touching the skin. He met Naman for the last time in his tiny apartment, the apartment where they had first met. They had loved each other for the last 5 years, but love like everything else does not stay forever. They couldn’t comprehend that their love would fade out to like so many others, that their love would also be like the lost pages of Plath’s diaries. There were so many memories that he wanted to relive, but as Naman came in through the door, all he could see was how this all would become a thing of the past in just a few hours.

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Naman entered the room looking quite tired of the heat, but as soon he entered the room his eyes looked directly into his. Naman knew that it was the last day that they were meeting each other. For the past 5 years, they have made so many memories, but perhaps, this moment would hurt him the most. Perhaps, this moment would keep coming back to him when they both move on in their life.

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Naman held him, both of them looking at each other with all the love that will be lost. With every passing moment, they felt coming closer was getting difficult. He opened Naman’s shirt, and asked him to come to bed.

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They were ready to embrace for one last time. They both asked themselves, what the use of this last meeting was when they knew that it is all going to end. They couldn’t answer it themselves, but they wanted to bid a last goodbye to a person who has been part of such a long part of their lives. They wanted to keep this feeling of touching each other, of feeling one’s body against another and they wanted to continue living with this experience. They slowly moved onto the bed, and started embracing each other like it was the end of the world. They knew they had to make the most out of it, they knew that it would never happen again.

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They went on to kiss each other for the last time.

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They made love that afternoon. There was passion, there was anger, and there was a mix up of emotions like never before. Both of them loved each other, but the fact that they were moving apart didn’t make things easy. There were gestures which expressed their emotions throughout that afternoon. Sometimes Naman grabbed him like he wanted to hurt, and some other times, Naman surrendered himself.

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They were now lying beside each other on the bed. They were talking about all the good days and the bad days that they had gone through. Sometimes there was laughter, some other times there was an impending sense of loss which awaited their future. They both knew that each other’s absence was to create an immense hole in their lives. They were together for years, but circumstances could stand for their love. They were pained, they were broken, and they were lost.

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Naman had to leave as the sun was setting over the city of Delhi. They could continue talking for days without a break but they both knew that it had to come to an end. They knew they had to be brave and understanding of each other’s situation. Naman got up and hugged him for the last time. His eyes were wandering all over the place as if he was avoiding something, as if he wanted to say something but couldn’t do it.

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He kissed Naman on his forehead for the last time. Naman couldn’t control himself and a drop of tear rolled down his cheek as he felt the warmth of his lips on his head. They knew it was to happen, they knew this was the end.

Picture 11

Naman dressed up and got ready to leave. As he moved out of the door, Naman looked at him for the last time and gave him a smile. As the door shut, he witnessed the sunset over the buildings of Delhi and birds returning home after a day of flight.

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