Photo Series: Stripping Off The Soul

Might be easy to strip off the clothes, but how does one feel to strip off the soul? An other in one’s own body, the desire of living one’s character which one is not born with. This is the other suffocating in one’s own body. This is the other which awaits liberation, freedom and love.

Note: This series narrates the story of a person born as a cis-male, identifying himself as female in his alone time. The intricacies of these dual-identity and the pain of stripping off the identity that one was not born with, but lives with every moment, has been explored

Captured by: Raqeeb
Featuring: Anas Mohammed Nizar.

This story was about:

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I am a research scholar of English Literature who tends to spend most of his time following his passion for photography and writing. I aim to bring a change in the way male sexuality is perceived by the mainstream. Also, love over hate, anyday.

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