Photos Of Lesbian Love To Inspire You This Lesbian Visibility Day

Do you know what I like to do apart from air out my fanny on a casual weekday? Yup, you guessed it — stalk Instagram profiles of other super sick women who aren’t afraid to freely express themselves.

Now insert: Lesbian Visibility Day. A day where freedom of expression collides with the celebration of life and lesbian culture. Basically, we don’t need to hide in the trenches, we need to paint the world with our pictures of love. Especially, lesbian love. So, here we go…

Photo stalked from @nicolettemason

Started from the bottom now we are here. Even though no country in Asia has recognized same-sex marriage yet, we still have had over 17 countries in the world ready to make us bride and bride. That’s a good start and us Punjabis can always move to Canada to make it happen. Till then crushing on lifestyle blogger Nicolette Mason and her wife will do.

Photo stalked from @whododatlikedat

Orange Is The New Black and Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli are the couple goals. This actress is really crushing it with her career, her beautiful screenwriter wife and giving us creative types some hope for love. Thank you for being openly fabulous and openly part of the LGBT community. Take note, people.

Photo stalked from @katejustknits

You know what’s better than pictures? Pictures knitted. That’s right. Kate Just uses the medium of knit to showcase representation of women than reflecting grief, sexual awakening, motherhood and more. If that’s not inspiring to every woman or lesbian lover out there, then I don’t know what is.

Photo stalked from @lorenzatessari

Love is patient, love is kind but lesbian love is all of that and more. Our culture and this day is about freedom and the most freeing thing in the world is to explore the globe with the one you j’adore. That’s why when I obsessively stare at Lorenza Tessari and her girlfriend’s travels through Europe, I want to rob a bank because I am THAT inspired.

Photo stalked from @renegades_

If one of these two kissed me today, I’d be happily ready to die tomorrow. But till then, they just kiss each other and occasionally their cats. Follow models Terra & Kayko on their expression and journey towards modelling moolah, nakedness and some very well practiced lesbian love photos.

Photo stalked from @gigigorgeous

Gigi Gorgeous’s entire life gives me life. Her inspirational journey started as a boy and now she has transitioned into one fine lesbian and all of it is documented on her YouTube channel which has millions of views. She also happens to be dating this artsy chick that’s a business boss of a clothing line. Yes, yes and yes.

Photo stalked from @workalook

You know what I want to be when I grow up? As proud as Leah Perloff. She eloped with her now wife and is a cat mom and DJ living her best life in LA. Can you please sign me up for this kinda real love? Kthxbye.

Photo stalked from @amberscloset

“Queen and queen” is how Amber refers to herself and her girlfriend and I couldn’t agree more. Treat yourself and your partner with the freedom to hold hands in public, have a little cuddle and enjoy the irony of the meat-packing district in the background.

Photo stalked from @lezbackpack

You know what’s better than normal backpacking? Lesbian backpacking. Meet Melissa Langley and her girlfriend who started their Instagram “to inspire lesbian women to travel and see the world”. If you are looking for strength in your own journey, someone else’s journey is a great place to start.

Photo stalked from @therealmelroy

They went viral in 2015 because of their double pregnancies and since then have never looked back. Vanessa Roy and Melanie Roy are an insanely cute lesbian duo that isn’t just about lesbian love or marriage but also about what happens next — two super cute babies. So go on then, free the nipple and get your lesbian motherhood on.

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