Poem: A Christmas Rhyme For A Happy & Gay Time

xt748_ryanhinds_gayxmas_1I kissed you under the mistletoe
Silently, secretly, afraid to let our cover blow
But we had to do it, it was Christmas time
I was yours and you were mine
I held your hand as we walked through the snow
Away from the others, so that no one would know
I don’t know if we were being naughty or nice
If Santa would look at it as a virtue or vice
I did place the cookies and milk by the tree
I still believe in magic, as you found me
Though, I hope Rudolph doesn’t find us
And if he does, I hope he doesn’t mind us
It’s not so easy,
But I feel free
As long as you’re with me
It’s the perfect Christmas treat
I can cuddle if it gets too cold
You have my heart, that goes untold
I hate how we have to behave differently when we’re not alone
But for a moment, let’s just be..before you have to go home.
I hear the carollers coming our way
They’ll see us snug in your car and know we’re gay
The time with you was shorter than I expected it to be
I guess I have to get out as you drive home to your family
I walk back in the snow, all alone
Hands are freezing, as you’re no longer there to hold
I get back inside and look up at the mistletoe
I smile,
as Mama yells from the kitchen, “Where were you son?”
“Here, Ma. So what’s for dinner: Chicken Roast or Mutton?”
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