Poem: A Naïve Sin

Artwork by Kaavya Shankar

We were all one and the same.
Why only on some of us did they cast the blame?
We possessed a free spirit and an open mind,
The one that was pulverized by their kind.

Among the two of us,
You had the choice,
Yet you chose to silence my voice.
I was perplexed by the lack of mercy in your eyes,
For who I loved, you wanted me to pay a price.

I stand still looking down at your hand holding the knife,
My body is trembling with fear but you want me to pay you with my life.
The spectators want me to plead for forgiveness in this time,
So forgive me, for I didn’t know love was a crime.

I wish I could beg or cry,
But hopelessness has left my eyes dry.
We were all one and the same.
So for who I was, why did I have to end the game?

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