Poem: Closet Of Monsters

In a land far far away,
Near yet not so distant,
I lived in a cosy closet
Beautifully done
Tastefully decorated
Simple n subtle

The closet was made
Of charming mahogany
Darkest red
Made with the blood
Of a conservative household
Sacrifices of the heartless

In the cosy closet
I had pink ribbons
Of bubblegum shade
Barbie dolls
Purple nail paints
And lip glosses

In the same cosy closet
I stuffed in the effeminate tendencies
Feminine thoughts
Anything artistic

Then I took the
Deep red mahogany closet
And left it in a forest of termites
Burnt it in ravaging fires
Whacked it to tiny smithereens

Yet this miraculous closet
Would repair itself
Every year
It would repaint
A fresher coat
Of the deepest red

It would get
Had chests
Of photographs
Of memories
Of men
Fully clothed

It would get heavier
Of religious hatred
Self hatred
Of love letters
Letters of apologies
Letters of Parting

One day
It all burnt down

A huge fire
Ravaged it
Eons of oppression
Of deceit of love

The closet was now
Charred black

No longer shiny
No longer does it
Repair itself

I sometimes
Yearn for the Barbies
In the closet

I see Barbies
In plain sight now

They aren’t scary
Docile n pretty

A shiny red

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