Poem: False Stage

It starts with a light, frightening
Upsetting my eyes to years, insanely.
Shooting star across me, through me,
Some people love the hurt, will I too?
Until some song starts midst the spotlight
Despite of the fear of light, and spite
Shaken of fright, I sing.
Put up a mask and act, sing and enact
Roam and love and miss and hug
Kiss and shrug, in sadness false I may weep.
But then it stops.
The music and misery starts.
Some people hate it all, how they fall
I see curtains falling, candles of
A whole world crumbles down
A fake stage ends and reality begins.
Where I’m not me, where I’m a fake tree
Where I’m a fake shadow, shedding
In waiting of the music to start,
I can’t take it from here, my false is where?
So I turn away to a timed stage
A false me in a false face
Which is filled with love and lore
A thousand claps on a wooden floor.
Away from the truth and hurting
A shallow living, prying
To be honest, but dying
Away from the hurt from the race
Im fine on a stage on my pace
Maybe holding hand of someone pretending
Oh isn’t it nice in the ending?
But then the claps fade, the lights too
The curtains falling and then again
I face truth in a mirror.
Which way dearer?
I like the false stage I think.
For what it all brings.
Not a head with ache nor fickle nor fame
There in the spotlight
I can sing out my pain.

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