Poem : Gender Switch

Working over the Statue of an Hermaphrodite, Roman Empire (27 BC – 476 AD), Louvre Museum, Paris

There were times, I have wished the strangest things.

Like, imagine waking up with a cotton container
That could soak your bad dreams and shower little jets
so they never come back
In my bathroom, right next to the shampoo, is another switch
I can strap off a gender, when I am done.
Dress it, put some perfume on. Off. On. 
On. Off. Our groins are no different. 

They are electronic.

[Image created by Rangeen Makhee]

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Rangeen Makhee, as he would have it, is a visual artist and writer based in New Delhi. Rangeen's work explores the popular culture, gender, the Internet and working with different forms of Indian art and writing. He often works with images from 'classic' art and renders them into contemporary and modern contexts. Makhee's work was recently featured along with other artists at Diesel Tumblr Reboot Mission at Galleries Lafayette, Paris and is also a part of the Wrong Digital Art Biennale 2013.
Rangeen Makhee

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