Poem : Go Fuck Yourself

Go Fuck Yourself

Go fuck yourself
Maybe I will

I will think about the time someone kissed every inch of my side
from my neck to my hip and I’ll moan
My hands move down there slowly, I groan
Under my sheets, lie a treasure trove of memories

Go fuck yourself
Maybe I will

My mind’s reel whirring to life
I’m in the kitchen pushing her against a wall
Dull sounds of music pulsating in the hall
I bite my lower lip like I bit hers then,
and my heartbeat quickens.

Go fuck yourself
Maybe I will

An inaudible gasp escapes me
I clasp the back of her neck, my fingers in her hair
Her fingers in me, soft breaths everywhere
Soft breaths turn to hard bites, behind closed doors in the dead of the night

Go fuck yourself
Maybe I will

I’m planting kisses from collar bone to navel
My tongue trails down her thigh and my body is unable
to tell the difference between future, present and past,
Time is a plain and I’ve come to a stop

Go fuck yourself
You don’t need to tell me twice

There’s electricity shooting between my legs
We are squirming and drowning in our sex
Our bodies arch and fall, imperfection in-sync
Throbbing, clutching, gyrating on the brink

Go fuck yourself
That’s right, I already did
It was satisfying. It was slow. What a show. Not timid.
And now I’m lying in bed, where they came and then they went
Thoroughly loved, thoroughly spent.

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