Poem: Have You Always?

Have you always seen?
My love for girls. Through classes,
when I should have been prattling about
boys. Instead you heard stories of my
best-friends and head girls from school.

Have you always known?
My attraction to pretty girls with
pretty eyes and sad stories.
Stories I re-told at lunch everyday, asking
for endings I knew nothing about.

Have you always heard?
The magic words meant for friends,
who meant more than I realized.
Talking for hours on phone, letters. In dreams,
wishing for more time together.

Have you always felt?
The way my heart skips beats when
I see love in front of me. Having invited
her to lunch at your behest.
Smiling like a fool, hanging on her every single word.

Have you always understood?
Like I do today. About what it means,
to love someone like me.
To want to spend eternity with the
woman I brought home yesterday.

Have you always seen? Have you always known?
Have you always heard? Have you always felt?
Have you always understood?
This forbidden love of mine?
Have you always loved me?
In-spite of this forbidden love of mine.
Have you?

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