Poem: Indemnification 

Indemnify me for this pain i feel
& for the wound that refuses to heal

Indemnify me for a broken heart
& for now conveniently believing we were wrong from the start

Indemnify me for taking away my peace of mind
& for foolishly loving you so blind

Indemnify me for the breach of trust
& for acting on your lust

Indemnify me for the breach of your representations and warranties
& for the meaningless promises and worthless guarantees

Indemnify me for the unstoppable tears
and triggering my deepest insecurities and fears

Indemnify me for this gigantic emptiness of vast space
and for not having the courage to break it to my face

Indemnify me for the lies
& for ruthlessly breaking ties

While cruel and inconsiderate behaviour ain’t very nice
Legally no indemnities and damages can hold or suffice
Or remedy the hurt and heartbreak that I feel inside

And since there is no tenable legal solution to this self deprecating rhyme

I wish you could have indemnified me with more time!

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