Poem: Lesbian Movies

why are all lesbian movies the same,
they always start with the very different lives of two women
most likely- a femme and a butch,
and how they’re caught in a state of oblivion
and how suddenly, their paths collide
bringing awareness to the existence
of the sexual tension between them
which might be a result of a
straight girl’s curiosity to experiment
or perhaps, a genuine connection

predictably building up to a steamy lovemaking scene,
marked by the male gaze
and then there’s the inseparability,
a beautiful magnetism between them
until shit hits the fan and the
glass ceiling comes crashing down
in the form of parents, teachers, friends
or heteronormativity in general
knocks on the door

somehow they must drift apart
somehow one of them passes away
somehow they simply can’t be together
for once, I would like to see
two women riding into the sunset
two women getting married
two women 50 years in the future
still together, still happy, still in love
lesbian movie endings make me wonder,
if they even want us to have a happy ending

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