Poem : Let Your Love Flow


Like the sunshine of the morning sky,
Let your love flow high and high,
The season is so warm and pretty,
Let the sunshine never die…

Like some wonder in the space,
Let your love flow every place,
This magic is so wonderful,
Let it leave a happy trace…

Like the mountain stream go by,
Let your love flow by and by,
This sweet water tastes so good
Let this stream go never dry…

Like a tiny flickering light,
Let your love flow with all its might,
Crossing all the boundaries,
Let it make this world so bright!

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Ankush loves football, traveling, reading, writing (poems and short stories in Hindi and English), photography, doodling, painting & meeting new people. He is sometimes walking, sometimes running and at other times standing on crossroads in life. He sees his life not as a journey but as a maze called evolution. And he wants to evolve in this single life time. He wants to break all shackles! He defines himself as a tiny spark buried under the ashes that has turned today into a raging fire. His soul told him that he is neither more than a pygmy, nor less than a giant!

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