Poem : Love Lost, Love Alive!

They say, “Move on, you have a beautiful life.”
I get it, life is beautiful but isn’t love beautiful too?
Is it necessary to have your love in your life to be able to stay in love?

I have loved, and lost but I still love her with all that I have, all that I am.

I am writing this to share a poem she wrote to me once, when we were together madly in love, for beautiful 4 years before she left me for a man.

The Hand of an Angel

I am reborn with every kiss
She ascended to rescue me
The leash of life
She threw to me
Lost and sinking
In the sea of darkness
She ascended to bring me back

Soft and supple
The rosy touch
Peeled the onion
Right to the soul
Secrets seem like a waste
Now that I don’t need them any more

The blinking curtain falls at night
No more fear, scores of love
The word is now easy to hold
The hand of the Angel
Over her smiles
She walks beside me
Blind to all my faults

Laughter.. tears.. joy..
Unrolling the carpet at her feet
Kneeling down
Paradise lost is now found
Spreading my wings
I know she can take me along
Away I will fly
Right through Sol
Where the Angel will guide me
I will embrace her

My life hangs on a thread
I know its strong
I am safe
Home, at last
With the hand of the Angel
In a city of solace
Where she walks beside me
Blind to my faults..

This poem makes me fall back in love with her every time I am fed up of missing her painfully.

If you are reading this, I have a message for you:

I’m a warrior, the author of my own life,
but you taught me all the words
those words, I am still using to write my story.
I am Bubboo. I am still your Bubboo and I will always be in love with you, madly and irrevocably.
Come back to me whenever you are ready, I have built a life for the both of us.

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