Poem : Loving A Woman


Her love had ended, for her lover she was now obsolete;
For mine had begun, O! the beauty, the seductress, the woman across the street.
Through rings of smoke and eyes of fantasy, I had often seen her little pierced belly and her rosy left cheek.
 For I want to touch you, and give you all that you deserve. Woman of beauty would you fall for a woman so bleak?
Never did he know how to caress your soul;
 let me paint your nails and love you as whole.
For Iam a woman and you are one too,
Emotional breakdowns, lust and happiness; together we’ll pull through
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I am currently doing my bachelor of art in English Literature, Drawing and Psychology. I am a graphic design school drop out, hence an inclination towards graphics and doodling.
Yogyata A. Joshi

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