Poem : On The Rocks, With A Drop Of Tear

I wonder if you think of me
On those sleepless moonlit nights
Of what we could have been
if you had said yes

Dreams of the texture of your hair
Marks of your bite
Softness of your lips
And the saltiness of your tears
From our one night together
Torment my nights

Or may be you are a mere fragment
of my insomnia
Of nights spent alone
in the memories we never made

I wake up with your absence
In my empty bed
Curled up under a single blanket
Mourning the loss of what I never had

The feel of your soft skin
The sound of your sigh
Your anxious breathe
Your small body in my arms
Your tender neck

Melancholic they call me
I call it mourning
Of lost desires
Of unmade memories
Of you and I
Of an ‘us’ that never was

Like the misplaced rainfall
In the desert

I owe you a drink you said
My darling
You owe me that moment
In which I lived an infinity

When your fingers
caressed my body
your tongue licked my lips
and you shared all of you
with all me

the tears we shed
together in your balcony

my darling,
I desire nothing more
Than a drop of tear

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Abha Talesara is a writer, director and producer with experience in three countries – UK, US and India. After producing her first feature in New York, she recently moved back to Bombay where she set up her own company – Breakthrough Productions. When she is not working, she spends her time in search of fine whiskey and good beer and of course, failing at making sense of the contemporary Indian culture.
Abha Talesara

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