Poem: Path To Acceptance

On the floor, a boy was crying,
I wish he knew about today.
He sat there talking to himself, lying
About what he believed.

An abnormality he thought,
And then with himself he fought.
He thought of himself as foul,
So god’s help he sought.

When he felt no change in himself whatsoever,
For what he thought was help had been denied.
He thought he’d be foul forever,
As it was God who he had defied.

But years went on,
And so did life.
and then came a day,
When he realized.
That he had done no wrong,
that he was in denial for long.

He realized love wasn’t a choice,
But a blessing in disguise.
And today he jumped with a million joys,
When he saw that he was loved by everyone,
And the person is none other than,
my mother’s only son.

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