Poem : Predilections By Choice

*Dedicated to the gay men and women.

World is unjust and incoherent,
A place where people of faith
Credit with veracity, the state
Of Being moral and independent;
Yet they inculpate the accrues
Of different men and tribades,
Who struggle to stick to their
Proclivities of natural virtues.

It is the state of mind and bosom
That is spoken out and felt inside
And recognised with, while living
in an obscure land lacking wisdom;
A sodomic land where, in one hand,
Nature is worshiped and harvested
And on the other, it is condemned
in a false disgust, to disband.

Earthlings bear pride in liberty,
They survive to enjoy the sweet
Fruit of being free, but knowingly
they try to veil its very alacrity;
The inclination of heart is a choice
That is made by temperament and will,
And its expression with fortitude shall
Buoy up humanhood’s glory in poise.

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