Poem : Selfish, Delicious Love. #ThankGod

[Author’s Note : *A dedication to my girlfriend on completing two and a half years together]
Everyday of my life
I thank God for what I am grateful for
With all the challenges thrown at you
Battles become your core.
With so many things I’ve been through
I wish I could tell you
My battle scars run down and deep
Yet you know each scar’s bitter truth
You see me for who I am
Love me, accept me for what I do
And everyday of my life
I pray I could do the same for you
I’m criminal, I’m a monster
I’m an animal, I’m a beast
I’m everything you hate
Yet, I am your taste
I’m the worst you can get
But the best with whom you can be
Is that just crooked?
Or is that just me?
I love you so much
This selfish, delicious love
This sinful Masochistic love
We were made from above
But we’re beautiful – You and I
Don’t you agree?
Even in our dramatic chaos
We find peace and serenity.
Nobody can understand the bond we share
I’m not sure I understand it too
All I know is I can’t exist without you
And you can’t exist without me too.
If I was darkness, you’d be the light
At the end of the tunnel, a ray of hope, worth a fight
You consume me, babe
And I hate living without you in my sight.
You’re my baby, you’re my heart
You’re my love, you have been from the start
And I think I’ve always known this to be true
Because I felt something from the first time I set my eyes on you
I’m a bad boy so please forgive me
But I’m the best girl you’ll ever get
I won’t take this for granted ever
But we’re made for each other – on this I’ll bet
With all the things that have happened
And all the things I’m grateful that I survived
I realize now, at this point
That God made it happen only when you were beside
You are my baby but you make me yours
You save me, you protect me when its hard in life
You are my rock, my biggest support
But, actually, all in all, you are my wife.
Of all the things I thank God for
I thank him for you
You saved me, you saved my soul
And now ALL OF ME belongs to YOU.
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