Poem : Sometimes

Your vision is rippled with pleasure, as she glides, oblivious,
I die a little as you smile, secretly, hoping people don’t see
In your arms your need throb’s delusional
She is dearer to you than the air you breathe
Sometimes, I just want to be her.

Her hair you fondle
Hold like the shroud of goddess Venus
Break at every unfulfilled desire of hers
Sigh so beautifully, when she is there, and when she isn’t
Sometimes, I just want to be her.

You know, how she aches to be with you
And you only ache because she ache’s too
You melt as she tries to claim the whole of you
Every drop you become her, she become’s you
Sometimes I just want to be her.

Don’t want to have any unraveled virtues
Which are yet to be by someone adored
Get to weave all your dreams in my necklace with my unnoticed pearls
Let my tears vanquish the flames and have you through
Sometimes I just want to be her
Because she has you.

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Huma Khan

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