Poem: Stripped Naked

I was happy to finally find myself.
My dysphoria fades everytime I paint my face.
But it’s difficult to keep it that way,
Because the world I live in doesn’t like this change.
I tried to sneak and hide my truth.
But my cores found out,
I thought they loved me, all of me,
But they didn’t like what they saw.
They rubbed the paint off,
Embraced my bare face.
My dad said, ” You are my brave boy, you don’t need a mask to help you shine.”
But little did they know, the mask was now my identity,
Some people knew me with the mask and they loved me.
I’m broken and confused, as my mother’s rage exceeds every par,
When she finds me stealing her clothes and her makeup masks.
I’m still alone, I’m caged. Dissociating from everyone who’s seen my birth face.
Virtuality gives me a break, a chance to strip naked to get a glimpse of the shine that fills my bones.
They love what they see,
The girl I want to be,
Acceptance isn’t difficult but loneliness still devours me.
In my solitude I stay up at night strip naked and feel alive
I become a girl every night.

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