Poem: Sucker Punched!

1,000 days of relationship bliss
respect, love, fidelity, plenty fights and many a passionate kiss
Through thick and thin, you promised to hold my hand
I was living foolishly in La La Land

But since life is no fairy tale
The forever love promise soon become stale
My name day came and went
Suddenly there was no time to spend

Soon enough I got a brutal call
Half a minute precisely, to wrap it all
“I have moved on”, said the voice on the other end
“With someone new” – no longer needed to pretend
“It was unexpected, we were sucker punched out of the blue -so true”

“Be Strong, Move On”
Cause we were completely wrong”
1,000 memories for 1,000 days surely meant nothing at all
One new person was all it took to break us apart
And you sucker punched my heart!

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TTW is a comic book loving Desi in search of greater intellectual pursuits like any other Gaysi. She is passionate about shawarma rolls, immersive theatre, conversion theories, television, transformers and Dr. McDreamy. Her #SuperConversionPowers enable her to transform from a Corporate Crusader by day to a Comic Camper by night. And yes, she time travels to an India which no longer has the anti queer provisions in Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code.

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