Poem : Taking It Easy

Standing here I see,
How hard I made life out to be.
Had I been on my own,
I would have done a lot in that tenure.

I started believing in the dreams I never had,
Cancelling well laid out plans for the one who didn’t have.

My heart broke little by little,
Till one day I realised it had no more of me in the middle.

It had been time since,
When life chanced upon me again.
I met a girl who judged no more,
Who can make you feel alive,
And jolt you to the core.

You just have to watch her –
Read her poems, make faces, do her things,
Or kiss me in the public rings.
It’s her thing to lay it out bare with all her heart in the naked sphere.

She met me online and called me sweet,
Only to give me a month of the best sleep.
I thank her for coming into my life
Because she pushed away the darkness that resided inside.
She let me feel the glee and pain,
Not to forget bringing out the writer in me again.

We’ll meet again for sure,
Maybe then she won’t be single anymore,
But I’ll be always be thankful to her,
For letting me in her spell of summer love.


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