Poem: The Only One

Artwork by Anshuman Sathe

I laid eyes on him a while ago,
He was the most beautiful man I saw,
Those feelings were so hard to let go,
As his image in my mind I draw,
He is The Only One.

I got to know him better,
We became good friends,
We had conversations and chilled together,
Except I wanted to be together,
He is The Only One.

It’s been a couple of months,
Every morning I wake up to his thoughts,
A walk on the beach; hand in hand and a couple of beers,
That feeling has me in knots,
He is The Only One.

I want to tell him how I feel,
How I struggle to sleep,
That fear of the two letter word,
Makes me weep,
He is The Only One.

I want to tell him Love Me Please!
But I fear the two letter word,
The thought of feeling his body,
Makes me say Oh My Lord!
He is The Only One.

This is my letter telling you the following,
Every life I get, I want to live and die with you,
I want to hear that beautiful three letter word,
But only and only from you,
You’re The Only One.

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