Poem : The Trail of Lavender


I looked everywhere for you,
Went wherever I could dredge you up
I asked people about your whereabouts
But none seemed to know.
I scoured through all your belongings –
Each one jibed with your thoughts,
And our moments together.

I did not give up at all,
Retrieved your words,
Recalled your touch,
Tried to remember what you told me
About where you’d go.
The faintest clue would make my heart leap.
Something was missing:
A piece from the puzzle of my consecration.

I closed my eyes and thought of you
In my devotion to our vehement bond.
I heard your voice, you cries of help
From somewhere close.
You were right there, but I failed to see you.
There was an infrangible sheet of hatred
And shame between us, on which I could
Hear my own pounding in an attempt
To break it.

Beyond the smallest hint of inanition,
My voiceless cries of hopelessness
And my fear of losing you,
There was something that kept me going.
As the wall got thinner,
A thin purple pink string of hope hung from it.
I saw you holding it from the other side.
You changed, but I knew it was you
As I broke down the remaining wall, but
Protected the string so I would recognize you
And prove to you how much I knew you.

The stratum couldn’t break us.
Thoughts of others were not as powerful
As our conscience and no insult was as
Sharp as our purpose, because logic
Was by our side.
If our predilections posed shame,
We let ourselves drown in that shame
And die in that vast sea of false hatred.
We taught them a lesson or two.

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