Poem : Who am I?

I may never look macho
I’ll always be human and honest to myself.

I may wear mascara and makeup
I’ll always treat women with respect and never as the weaker sex.

I have been laughed at for being girly as a child
I’ll never defile a child or rob its innocence.

I have been bullied or teased
I’ll stand up for human rights and values.

I do not have the right to marry my lover
I’ll always marry a man for love.

I’m used to being pushed around and called a sissy
I’ll never discriminate based on caste or creed or religion.

I pay my full taxes and never been convicted for murder, black money, rape or riots
I am a criminal by the law of this land at birth.

I celebrate our Independence Day from the colonial rulers
I still am bound in shackles and yet to be set free by a colonial law.

I’m as colourful as a rainbow
But, I’ll always carry the tricolour in my heart.

I’m proud to be an Indian
My country is not proud of me.

I am a non-violent, law-abiding Indian
I am gay.

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