Poem: Who Are Pansexuals?

Artwork by theawkwardfreelancer

It is a sexual and emotional orientation that identifies with having intimate and romantic relationships with any and every gender.

That being said,

We love the spectrum so much
that we can integrate ourselves with absolutely anyone on it.
To understand the gender spectrum, think political affiliations.
Think alt-left, alt-right, and everything in between.
It is an orientation that not just sees,
but also embraces someone
no matter how singularly placed
or spread out they feel on the spectrum.
The love pansexuals feel goes beyond ones gender.
No matter how you wish to define yourself,
we love you for that invisible soul lurking inside of you
that’s what makes our heart all jumpy.
With a kiss to your forehead
And fingers that intertwine,
With a head on your shoulder
And the warmth that lingers in the space between us.
But most of all,
We love you for what makes you human
and we love you for making us feel immortal.

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