QAM-Gaysi T-Shirt Slogan Contest

Hello Gaysis & Supporters,

Remember our T-shirt contest? We’re having one again! Some of us have been super busy, representing Gaysi, and actively supporting QAM with their events & the upcoming Pride march. And to show our further support, we’ve decided to hold a slogan contest. This is especially for all us firangaysis aka NRI. Since we can’t be at the march in person, let’s send in slogan that could end up being featured on the Gaysi tees. (This doesn’t mean all the gaysis in India shouldn’t participate!)

We will be giving the tees out for free during QAM calender events. Gaysi Team members will be proudly sporting them on the march day, as well.

The tee will carry the winning Slogan, QAM logo and Gaysi logo.

Closing date 21th Jan.

My entry: “LGBT: Love Beyond Gender Traditions.” ™©

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