Queer Azadi Mumbai 2011 : Make A Difference

I will always remember my first Pride March. It was an unusually sunny day, for London. I was with a couple of friends and walking through the streets, surrounded by out & proud people from all walks of life was an experience I’ll always cherish.

I’ve always wanted to attend a Pride March in India but I don’t know when that day will come. What I do know is how unimaginably hard it must be to organise an event of that magnitude. Running Gaysi is almost like having a second job (especially for MJ!) so the blood, sweat and tears that go into organising a safe & successful Pride March are probably a logistical nightmare!

We can always sit back and pass judgement on how it should have been organised or could have been organised and what was wrong with it and how other places do it better. Or – we could make ourselves useful and actually contribute towards making this a successful and happy march.

Here’s how…

Queer Azadi Mumbai (QAM) would appreciate your support towards funding of the upcoming Azadi march. Tentative date for the march is 29th Jan, 2011. And tentative because QAM is waiting for the necessary permissions from respective judicial authorities; so there but not quite.

Monetary funds collected online & offline will be used towards covering expenses for QAM related events leading up to the march and the Azadi march itself.

Be assured money donated by you via Gaysi will reach the folks at QAM; no hanky-panky business here, well not at least till we are 100% privatized. So put your helping hand forward, in this case your credit card and show your support. Any amount would do, as the favourite lezzie pinup girl Priyanka Chopra says “Tinka Tinka jara jara hai roshni se jaise bhara…”

Please make some donations

In any case you are a bit weary of using your plastic *think straight people*, you can put some hard cash in the donation boxes placed at following locations;

Azaad Bazaar *Store timing 1pm-9pm*
16th/33rd Road Bandra (West),
Opp Mini Punjab,
in the same lane as KFC ,

The Humsafar Trust/Center for Excellence (CEFE)
Riviera CHS, Flat 1, Ground Floor
15th Road, Near RBI Colony
Santacruz (W) Mumbai 400 050

Gay Bombay hosted events (prior to the Azadi march)

So bring yourself forward and show your support (contact us if available for volunteering) or at the least give us your money!

*Editor’s Note : This post has been jointly written with MJ

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