Queer Azadi Mumbai (QAM) 2012 : Do The Do!

Jingle Bells,

Fucking hellz,

The gay pride’s on its way,

Oh, what fun it is to ride on a broke ass rainbow sleigh.

Dashing through the road,

In a Queer open sleigh,

Over the straights we go,

Broke all the way!

Bells on gay tails ring,

Making spirits high.

Oh, fun it is to laugh and sing,

With all our friends that night.

Oh jingle bells, fucking hellz,

Gay pride’s almost here!

Oh, what fun it is to fund raise

So give me your wallet my dear!

We, at Gaysi, are broke. We have no money. What little we have will probably get used on alcohol and feeding MJ this week. We are desperate for your help.

The truth is, we just like you. And we REALLY like your wallet. And we REALLY REALLY like those shiny crisp notes in there that you probably worked your ass off for by slaving at a crummy office with a douchebag boss from 8AM-11PM and then took a train home next to a smelly, sweaty, drunk, horny man who stared at you inappropriately the entire ride from Kandivili to Katmandu. But we don’t really care. We want your money.

Queer Azadi Mumbai March is scheduled for Saturday, 28th January 2012 and the pride week is to be celebrated from 21st January – 28th January. And we at Gaysi, would love nothing more than to support QAM 2012 by raising money for them and all that jazz. And yes, all of us homos should support such a great cause and stand by our fellow Queers for a rainbow-filled week of activities and gay-gala. But we need your money to make it happen. So give it to us. We’ll keep it safe for QAM.

Fine, I can be serious. Here we go:


– You love QAM
– You love Gaysi (who in turn loves QAM)
– You see it as your moral obligation and dharma to help out your oh-so- struggling community
– You feel extra-charitable today
– QAM could really use your help
– Anna Hazare would prefer you donate to QAM than donate to your local politician or pay taxes
– You have a really big savings account
– Your daddy has a really big savings account
– You just won the lottery and think the queer community deserves all the money
– You can make space out of your shitty paycheck, drink a few less beers this week and donate that money to QAM. Think about what you will remember in 5 years… The kingfisher you drank? Or the drunken pride festivity you attended as a result of QAM?
– Want to give your loved ones the best Christmas present ever? Nothing says I love you like a card that reads “I made a donation to QAM on your behalf.” (I will even design/sign the card and seal it with a cute baby dyke kiss.)
– You realize how much you love your dog/cat/chipmunk/skunk/blow up doll and want them to be a part of this great movement and should hence make a donation on their behalf


– MJ will give you a lap dance for all donations over Rs. 1000.
– Highest donor will get their own private pride parade with girls/boys of choice
– Second highest donor receives copious amounts of beer from me
– All donors will feel this overpowering sense of joy for their kindness
– All donations are anonymous


– Through Gaysi PayPal account:


– Cheques/Cash can be dropped off at the Humsafar Trust office at:

The Humsafar Trust/Center for Excellence (CEFE)Riviera CHS, Flat 1, Ground Floor15th Road, Near RBI Colony, Santacruz (W) Mumbai 400 050.

Gay Bombay hosted events (prior to the Azadi march)


Look here! If Gaysi gets 500 hits per day (on an average) and each chips in an affordable, next-to-nothing Rs. 100, we can raise Rs. 50,000!! And if you donate Rs. 200, we can reach our goal of Rs. 1,00,000!!! Math is amazing, I know.

So wait no longer. Loosen purse strings and you’ll never regret it. (Last Date : 15th January, 2012)

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