Queer Lingo (Spread The Word)

One thing is clear; we at Gaysi take certain things very seriously. SERIOUSLY. Like advocating the Queer cause, and taking us one-step closer to fulfilling the ultimate dream of World domination.

But then we also believe in having some fun along the way. And so for some funny time, we have decided to compile a list of Queer lingo. The list will contain words (popular & some completely mind rattling) along with their respective meaning.

Needless to say you can very well look forward to plenty of desi-Queer slang. The folks at Yaariyan are supporting us in this educational project * wink * * wink *.

And you can be part of it too (yippy!); simply post your Queer lingo along with its meaning in the comment section and if worthy, we shall add it to our Google doc.

Now don’t just sit there lets get all crazy wazy, and here’s one for starters;

An attractive female who hangs around gay males. The same as a fag hag but attractive.

Okay lets make that two…(and my all time favorite)

A word to describe two lesbians fucking (also used with added hand gesture of both hands in the scissor position (like rock, scissors, paper), pushed together and moved around to simulate legs spread open and their vaginas touching).

More fun here : List of Queer Lingo


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