Queer Mythology: Born To Two Mothers, The Hero Bhagiratha

We still live in a very binary world that functions with a limited understanding of sexuality. It assumes that people can either be gay or straight. But where does that leave the gorgeous spectrum of sexuality that we have struggled so long to legitimize and claim? Where do bisexual people fit in this scheme of things? This flawed view does nothing but further the erasure and invisibility of bisexuals within mainstream culture.

However — and this can never be disputed — bisexuality exists. And we must acknowledge and voice these experiences for all those of us who feel romantic and/or sexual attraction to people of both the ‘same gender’ and ‘other genders’. This is why we are bringing together diverse voices and stories on bisexuality from today till September 27, to celebrate BIVISIBILITY DAY with the world.

The first in the BI-series is a relatively little-known sacred narrative from the 14th century, the story of two queens and co-wives who became lovers after being widowed, and birthed the hero Bhagiratha.

This graphic narrative is inspired by Ruth Vanita’s essay, “Born to Two Mothers, The Hero Bhagiratha,” and has adopted a version of the story from the same essay. We hope you enjoy it and leave your feedback in the comments sections.

Artwork by: Priya Dali 

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