Queer Wedding Alert!: Natalie And Suja

We met a little over 2 years ago, enjoying each other’s company as friends first, splitting meals, and sharing laughs. People we didn’t know would come up to us constantly, telling us that we made a cute couple, or making assumptions that we were already together or married, even. As our friendship developed, we felt transported to our own magical world; where, in being our true selves, there was no denying the powerful energy connecting us to and the love we had for each other.

A year and a half later, I proposed to Natalie on a perfect October day, surrounded by close loved ones to witness the engagement. We started to plan a big wedding, but soon realized it didn’t feel right to us. So, once again, we chose our Love first, and held an intimate wedding ceremony, sharing our special day with our nearest and dearest. We have so much gratitude for finding each other and being on this journey together! 

Photographs by: The Bere Collective

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