If you could see the world through my eyes
You’ll know that sky isn’t always blue
You’ll see that people come in all the colours of the rainbow
And when they touch you, they color you too.

If you could see the world through my eyes
But then, you can’t
And I don’t expect you to.
I’ve always seen colors
In places I wasn’t supposed to.

I was probably 8 when I was told
I wasn’t pretty
13 when I realised there were girls so much prettier than I was
with long brown hair
And skin, the color of earth,
That glimmered when kissed by the Sun
And when they held my hand
I could swear they left glitter on my fingertips.

When I was 14, I looked at a boy
And for the first time, wanted to look at him forever
He had short, black hair I wanted to touch
He smelled of earth and rain, he
played football in the fields
I stole glances, and he’d smile when he looked at me
And when he left, all I could see for weeks,
Was blue.

I know I’m not supposed to see certain colors, but I do
My sky is supposed to be blue
Like the veins that run on his skin
But what if my sky is sometimes
yellow, like her jhumkas that dance when she laughs?
Red, like her lipstick when she smiles at me
And grey, sometimes because it decides it doesn’t want to be a color anymore
What if rain reminds me of a boy
And sunlight reminds me of a girl
And I like to feel both of them on my skin,
Painting me with all the colours of a rainbow?
But you won’t know, and I don’t expect you to.

If you could see the world through my eyes
You’ll know I’ve never had a favorite color
Because I see colours in places where you can’t
And if only you could believe
They all look beautiful to me.

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