reflections of her

she is a reminiscence of myself
i see parts of me inside her
in the form of ;

a) plane mirror
i picture myself as being a replica of her – a carbon copy
it makes me believe that i am exactly like her and often even confuses me because i take her and i as the same person,
i blame the mirror for giving me the illusion that i could perhaps be like her,
just like how the reflections falling on the mirror gives little change to its image and original character,
i find it difficult to separate the original object with the reflected surface

b) convex mirror
through these lenses, i see myself a bit more distorted from the previous reflection
i find myself questioning the idea of whatever i saw before this
perhaps i am not completely like her
i begin to separate the her from me
i see her as a figment of my own imagination,
because she appears to be smaller than me,
and just like the way reflected rays are extended behind the mirror by dotted lines to meet at a point to form an image,
i now see the focus of my lenses,
i now understand where my image of her originates from,
i am the origin

c) concave mirror
i now see her as being a larger than life persona of myself
i put her on a pedestal
when everything about her was my own judgment
it may not have been real
in this mirror when the object goes nearer, the image becomes virtual and erect
just like when i go closer in the hopes of seeing her ,
i don’t

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