Rekha – Is she?

Rekha2 Sunday night sitting across the idiot box watching Filmfare Awards 2010; the only saving grace was the teary eyed superbly gorgeous (even @ 55+) Rekha. If my girl friend looks half as hot as her at that age, I will consider my life to be successful.

Anyway so there was the stunning Rekhaji reminiscing over her Umrao Jaan days and I couldn’t help but wonder; while the country is still stuck on her legendary affair with actor Amitabh Bachchan, how come not much has been spoken about her relationship with her hairdresser turned secretary, Farzana?

Something smells fishy no? I mean, the two of them have been living together like forever. And at the possibility of sounding like a pseudo fart, Farzana’s butchish personality is quite in your face. As per Industry Kabootars, Rekha is Bisexual and in fact her relationship with her secretary was one of the reasons behind her husband’s suicide back in 1991.

Maybe it’s just another one of Hindi Film Industry’s well guarded secrets. It could after all damage the enigmatic starlets’ Kama Sutrik image. Though personally I believe it will only enhance it considering how sexually starved as a nation we are, woman on woman action holding no bar.

And those who dared to question the lady, this was her reply;

What are labels? What do they mean? Can friendship be defined? Can relationships be contained in empty words? If anybody interprets this relationship any other way than it really is — it’s their problem, not mine. [TOI]

Most definitely yes, it’s our problem and not hers. But what to do, we are (bi) curious by nature no?

Either which way, here’s wishing the sexy siren many more fabulous years ahead. As for you junta, spare a moment and tell us what you think haan?

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