Rickshaw Romance

Has this happened to you? I’m assuming that if you are from Mumbai and travel a lot, it must happen quite often… if you have a partner that is.

Some days ago, my girl & I were traveling in a rickshaw. Since she lives with her parents and we live quite far apart, we try as much as we can, to travel together, spending as much time together as possible.

What I like about a rickshaw is; unlike a bus it makes for a very comfortable place to sit and hold hands without anyone eyeing you. It is nice and windy and has a privacy of its own. You can talk incessantly and stare as much as you like. What becomes difficult however is when you feel like kissing…ohhh….and that happens with me all the damn time! And that’s exactly when funny things happen.

On this particular occasion, my girl looked bewitchingly beautiful and I could not help it – I kissed her on her lips. Only to realize…..Tan da tan….. that the rickshaw driver saw all our  passion through his mirror. He looked as we broke away and was super flummoxed! (Heh Heh) I meanwhile felt awkward but I reasoned to myself he wanted a sneak peek so he got it. Dumbass! Ha!

On another occasion, when we wanted to make out, we first checked if it was dark enough. Then we checked to see if the driver has made himself busy with driving. We also made sure that the curtains were drawn! Talk about her paranoia!! And then we very passionately kissed for a good five minutes….Ummmmm.. And then….Suddenly… this light flashed on our faces from behind….

And we realized that…. the window behind was not only open but was also as open as a wide TV screen and all the people behind were aghast and amused. I could not help laughing as our auto moved on. And this guy passed by giving us a thumbs up.

I know people would tell me get a room but this is a different feeling I did not want to have sex, I just wanted to kiss. There are very few spaces except home where you could actually do that. No?

I wonder if a LGBT bar exists in Mumbai and I just don’t know about it. Do let me know if anyone does. Meanwhile my girl and I continue checking the mirror, the curtains and the rear. Heh Heh.

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