Say No To Pink?

One of the things that I, both, love and hate about running Gaysi is the mail I get when someone either leaves a comment or contacts us via the feedback form. It’s a joy to see people commenting – when they’re not trolling and when they’re saying meaningful things. Once in a while I get homophobic emails which say everything ranging from how I’m going to hell to how we’re perverts to how we’re ruining the Indian culture. I just delete these emails, take a deep breath & then erase them from my memory. The internet works because it gives power to the people. But sometimes the power is abused and that’s ok. Sad and lonely people who don’t have the courage to say things in real life, use it as an outlet to be mean and nasty under the guise of anonymity.

Then there are the other emails that I occasionally get – like this one:

I love how you guys have changed the layout and all, but the colour PINK hurts my fucking eyes way too much. No, seriously, try going with lighter shades. Everyone knows layouts HAVE to be mostly white with some brown-ish shades here and there. Not pink and yellow. Like seriously?

But i guess the UI is better.

Anyway, are all the writers lesbians? No boys allowed kya? I was wondering why the blog is always about “feelings” and how you “feel about those feelings” and shit like that.

Nah, I’m just kidding. Sorta.

My first thought when I read this was, “Ugh! Haters!”. Then I read it to my partner and she laughed and said it was hilarious and we should get this person to write for us. So I reread it & she was right – this really was a funny email & I should stop taking myself so seriously & learn to deal with criticism better.

So, Mr. Pink Hater, here’s my proposition – will you write for gaysi? You can use the same tone that you’ve used here – as long as it’s lighthearted and not meant to hurt people’s feelings & their feelings  about those feelings! Yes, we’re all chicks here – so we do talk A LOT about our feelings. I guess, stereotypes become stereotypes for a reason.

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