Seeking Gaysi

I want someone who likes long walks in the park. Scratch that, I want someone who likes to sit in parks, and judge people who take those long walks. I want someone who loves to read, who can fill me in on the plot while we wait for the movie to start. I want someone who will help clean the dishes when we’re done with our string hoppers and curry. Also, it would be nice if I could share my wardrobe with that someone and not raise any eyebrows. In case you haven’t clued in yet, I’m a dude who likes dudes.

…and that was Ramraajh Sharvendiran Seeking Gay Tamil Man

Reading Ramraajh’s post reminded me of the very reason why Broom & I began our Gaysi journey. The need to “relate” our culture and our Queerness was so intense, especially during our coming out phase and the online space then, hardly satisfied this hunger. I grew up as an Indian and my attraction towards the same sex taught me about my sexuality. The two remained separate for the longest time till a point I realised there is nothing to be ashamed; it was OKAY to be a GAY-DESI.

So here I am…I want someone who is crazy about Bollywood films, and can spend hours watching re-runs of Sridevi’s 80’s blockbusters. I want someone who can cook aloo parathas for Sunday lunch, while I prepare sweet-salt lassi. Also, it would be nice if we could share a lip to lip kiss in public spaces and not raise any eyebrows. In case you haven’t clued in yet, I’m a dudette who likes dudettes.


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Now 30, 100% shudh desi lesbian. Likes living large, and on the edge. Dislikes stagnation, fence sitting and hypocrites. Lives in a bubble of joy, with occasional lapses into drama queendom. Currently nursing a massive crush on actress Chitrangada Singh (kind of eerie, her resemblance to the late Smita Patil, don’t you think?). Aspires to build a fully functional support system for the Gaysi community in India. And most importantly, top the 'Hottest eligible desi-lezzie' list one bright sunny day.

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