Sex For Conversation

This recent post on Gaysi by Chicklet has got me thinking about a conversation I had some time ago with a very good friend of mine. We were generally chitty-chatting about our current partners (yes…shoot me), when somewhat out of context she remarked – “At least I know with her all can be sorted in bed”.

Now I consider myself a very sexual person. Yes, the sorts who regard sexual chemistry much higher than…let’s say one’s intellectualness. But I do believe that matters of importance….issues which require serious attention…should to be sorted outside the bed room and not init.

The sole reason being; there’s no real communication (sorry Missy, Oooosss and aahsss don’t exactly fall under this category). A discussion over sex is more like turning a blind eye and telling the heart “Aal izz well”. Yet many of us continue to follow this trend of replacing conversation with sex.

Fucked up no? And yours truly at times is no different.

Anyway without beating around the bush (no pun intended), tell me Ladies and let’s be honest here how many of you out there use sex as way of getting out of serious one-on-one talk with their partner. Or who’s been in a situation where in their partner’s response to “We need to talk!” has only ended up in pinning the other in bed.

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