Sex Toys & Losing Your Inhibitions


I’m sure everyone reading this has had at least one horribly awkward sexual encounter. Like when you hooked up with that cute girl you met in a bar and inexplicably didn’t know what to do next. Or when you tried taking your relationship to the next level but felt something was holding you back. Or maybe even the day you got intimate with your long-term partner but discovered something was missing and now there’s a deafening silence in the bedroom. Sex becomes awkward whilst you have inhibitions.

Set aside baggage such as guilt, fear, regret or shame and ask yourself… Are your inhibitions holding you back? Are you not having fun because somewhere deep down inside you are still a little shy? Sexual inhibitions can lead to personal turbulence in life and affect your emotional well-being. It can also cause a drop in self-esteem and make you withdraw into your shell, leading to stagnation in a relationship. When your sexual inhibitions get in the way, sex becomes a joyless chore. And sex should definitely never be hard work!

A great way to get rid of your sexual inhibitions is to try using sexual wellness products. These are basically small toys that make your sexual experience more intimate by enhancing pleasure. Sexual wellness aids can help you let go of emotional baggage and apprehensions that usually hold you back in the bedroom. Whether you use these products solo or as a couple, your sexual experience will become more spiritual as you finally begin to build confidence with your body and explore parts of your being you never knew existed.

This is where you begin to discover that sex is not just a physical act but a spiritual frame of mind.

Sexual wellness expert Neil Dosanjh from suggests that sex isn’t the original sin, guilt is. The introduction of wellness products in the bedroom will support your journey towards sexual freedom; only then will you begin to understand who you truly are. Try sleeping with your partner after this and I can guarantee you your sex will become cosmic!

Many people believe that sexual wellness products are strictly for solo use, but they couldn’t be more wrong! There are many specially designed pleasure enhancing accessories for couples that you and your partner can use together during love making. Sexual wellness products for couples won’t just help you drop inhibitions and have more fun, they also help you build intimacy. You see, when you shed your inhibitions and explore each other’s bodies, your feelings become stronger, and your foreplay will never be the same.

We all know the importance of strong emotional bonds to make a relationship work, don’t we? But what we often fail to recognise is the role of sex in building these bonds. Your sexual wellbeing and the resulting happiness play a significant part in keeping you and your partner together. Therefore, you must invest in a happy and healthy sex life.

So. To sum up, the idea of using bedroom accessories to improve the quality of your sexual interactions isn’t just applicable to solo use but to long term committed relationships too. If we keep judgment aside for a second, we will realize that sexual honesty and pleasure are important in all sorts of encounters, from hook-ups to marriage. So let go of your inhibitions, get yourself a sex toy and have yourself some quality sex!

Disclaimer: Always remember that no matter what the duration, legal status, moral position or purpose of your sexual interaction, if you are having sex with an adult person of your choice with their consent, you have the right to enjoy yourself and nobody has the right to judge you. If both of you choose to try a pleasure enhancer, it is your decision as a couple and nobody has a say in it except you and your partner. Sex should be free of guilt, fear and shame. Sex should be fun. So think of your time together as play time and use these accessories and toys to make sex, your favourite team sport, more enjoyable!

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