(Sexual) Health : Do You Care Enough?


HIV and other STD’s target gay and bisexual men more than any other section of the society due to unprotected means of anal sex. It has been found in multiple studies that men aged 18-24 are scarcely aware of their infections. Straight women still get an excuse to use condoms which are pretty effective against HIV as a chance to prevent unwanted pregnancies. But what of gay/bisexual men?

“I remember looking at him for the first time and to this day, I have not found a reason to look for anything more attractive and soothing at the same time. I think it was of is his broad symmetrical shoulders, his masculine body curves and that subtle little smile with just a hint of femininity. I had waited and he looked back at me with a calm and unguarded expression. It was that day and this one, when i stand naked in front of him. So much have I, fallen in love with him and there is no looking back. I have already stripped up my entire soul and self in front of him but this would be my first. He has often remained unobtrusive and hushed up; he does not prefer to talk about his personal life. He had started to touch me and had discarded the pack of condoms I carefully placed to make sure it comes in his sight. I don’t know how many men has he been ‘into’. I don’t know how many of them have made their way into him, I do not know how many tongues have rolled over. I don’t know how many contagions he’s carrying on himself. He has ruled me with love and hence I shall follow his will.”

“What about your health?”

“Do I care enough?.” Replied the young freckled man to his doctor.

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