She Prefers The Pronouns They

It’s Trans Awareness Week, this week, so let’s put some energy in bringing awareness to and thinking about respecting each other’s pronouns, especially when someone has made it clear that they would like to be referred in a certain way. If you don’t know a person’s preferred pronouns, always ask, or just use they instead of he/she. Pronouns are an important part of a person’s construction of their identity and how they feel about themselves. By respecting a person’s pronouns, you show them that you respect their identity and narrative. 

Comic Artwork by Parmita Mukherjee.

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Jo Krishnakumar is a trans queer researcher interested in all things sex, sexuality, gender and how different groups/people experience these wor(l)ds. Their work is informed by their constant learning/unlearning of the privileges they have due to their social location as a dominant/oppressive caste person (Nair) while also occupying space as a (mentally) disabled trans person of colour. Find them on their unfinished webspace

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