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Hello fellow gaysis & supporters,

Hope you had a good weekend. I sure did. The Girl & I are throwing a holiday party (I refuse to call it ‘Christmas’ because of my militant atheism and also to annoy The Girl!) and we’ve been busy going to all the hip Torontonian markets – Queen Street, Kensington Market & China town & buying groceries for the party and little unique gifts for the people we’ve invited. Although, we realised that every time we bought something we liked we said ‘We could give this to S or D. OR… WE COULD JUST KEEP THIS FOR OURSELVES.’ So we are making another trip there in an hour to make sure we do have gifts for people other than ourselves. ‘Tis the season to be self-indulgent, I suppose!

Anyway, so MJ & I have looking at the gaysifamily blog/website & we agree that it needs to be brought into the oneders. Right now the look and feel is VERY late 90s or at best early 2000. And since this is a ‘family’ effort, we’d like you, our family members, to tell us what you’d like to see (other than nude pictures) on this site. Tell us what you don’t want to see, too.

We really need this feedback, so I request all you readers & lurkers to take a minute out of your precious day and get in touch. If what you like is already here then just tell us that too, so we don’t axe it! 🙂

Thank you, y’all! Merry holidays!

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