Siras Vs. AMU

Corruption is so deeply rooted in our system and has managed to infect our surroundings to such an extent that it wouldn’t be a surprise if tomorrow our kids are born with it. You know, as a fragment of their DNA code.

How else can you comprehend what happened (and is happening) with Professor S. R. Siras.

After 20 plus years of service at the Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), the man at the age of retirement is suspended on the grounds of ruining the moralistic image of the teacher community and blotting the name of the oh-so-precious AMU. And his crime, consensual sex with an adult of the same sex. Decriminalization of IPC 377, invasion of privacy, abuse of one’s self-respect – are we even listening?

An independent fact-finding committee has issued a report titled, ‘Policing Morality at AMU’ and this is what it states;

The intention of the AMU authorities was two-fold: first, to deflect attention from the inquiry that the President of India had set up into widespread financial mismanagement at AMU; and second, to perpetuate the “moral policing” that has ostensibly become a part of the university.

And it doesn’t stop here. Prof. Siras’s request to file for criminal charges against those involved in the Sting Operation was tossed out the window.

Both the SSP and the SP of Aligarh have apparently refused to register the FIR stating that “Dr. Siras has named some very prominent figures in AMU” and, later, that “there is pressure from ‘the top’ not to register this FIR”, the report says. [Indian Express]

On one hand it is commendable that Prof. Siras has decided to stand up against bullies like AMU. The media support and encouragement from various NGOs & activists is also heartening. But in a country with short media attention span and where hundreds of case files are left collecting dust in judicial drawers only to be joined by hundreds more, what are the odds for the Professor winning his dignity back?

I guess only time will tell.

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