Snatched Wigs & Snatched Attention: Mumbai LGBTQ+ Pride, 2018


A semi-successful, semi-failed attempt at drag for Mumbai LGBTQ+ pride:

I didn’t do it because my partner did it, or because my best friend insisted. I love drag and drag kings and queens.

Whether I love doing drag, I am yet to figure.

Here’s the reason I did it.

Anyone who looks different or does not follow the ascribed identity, they are given are often stared at. Whether in amusement or otherwise doesn’t matter. Sometimes, it doesn’t just stop at staring. It moves on to name calling, groping and beyond.

We do it to transgender people, to effeminate men, butch women, and women in general and to those whose expressions are different from the conventional. This was a small attempt to step into their shoes. An attempt to know what it is like to get unwarranted attention, just for being yourself (or in this case, someone else). Either way, it is a harmless choice that should not be questioned.

I for one was still with hundreds of other ‘unconventional appearing’ folks along with hundreds of other conventional appearing, conventional and unconventional folks. Imagine the plight of these beautiful men, women and transgender people when they are on their own. When they don’t have their friends and families to fight for them. Not that they need someone to fight for them. The fact that they express themselves without giving a damn, without compromising who they are is a fight in itself. And they fight this uncompromising fight every day.

The least we can do is not discourage them; with our gaze, with our words.

Happy Pride!

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